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Ramanas Roses growing in nursery’s
Ramanas Roses growing in nursery
Alder growing in nursery’s

Alder growing in nursery

Oak growing in nursery’s

Oak growing in nursery

Welcome to Treesplease

This is a business with strong local roots but which is known UK wide as a high quality supplier of trees, shrubs and accessories for woodland, agriculture, landscape and gardens. We sell over seven million trees each year, of which more than 90% have been grown to exacting standards in our own nursery.

“Quality” is the key word in our mission statement: “TreesPlease aims to supply its customers with strong vigorous well rooted trees, delivered field fresh, whilst applying new growing concepts to meet ever increasing demands of quality” . Whether it is in the production process, sales, distribution or aftercare we aim to meet the highest standards of quality delivered with the smile and the patience of a local company.

We are as worried as everyone else about the possibility of importing Pests and Diseases. Accordingly, for the 2013/14 season we will NOT be supplying any trees to our forestry and woodland customers that have been imported from Mainland Europe unless the customer has specifically requested that we do so. Even then we will glean as much information as possible before acting and will refuse the business if there is any real likelihood of an increased risk to our native trees. In the meantime we are working with fellow members of Confor’s Nursery Producers’ Group to try to agree protocols that will bind us all into some form of Assurance Scheme.

November to April is our busiest season when we are harvesting and delivering bare root whips and standards around the UK. We also carry a wide range of potted trees and shrubs suitable for sale all year round. For much bigger rootballed trees and for the supply of specialist plants we have a sourcing department dedicated to tracking down your needs and who will normally get back to you with solutions within twenty four hours. 

Thank you for visiting our website – I hope you find it interesting. If we can do anything to help please order direct or ring us for advice on 01434 633049