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Growing and Selling Field Fresh Trees for 30 years





Treesplease opened for business in 1987 with the aim of supplying North East England high quality bare rooted trees of local provenances. Since then the business has grown to be the BIGGEST tree nursery in the region supplying over 8 million conifer, shrub and broadleaved trees per year to our wide range of customers based all over the UK.

Our Story

Treesplease was first established in County Durham where production was based on a site in Ouston. The business remained there for 13 years before the decision was taken to relocate to Corbridge, Northumberland to a former Forestry Commission nursery site, where many of the trees in Kielder Forest began. The move allowed for the production team to take full advantage of the fertile fine sandy loam soil, which proved to be ideal for promoting good as well as early top growth. As a result of this, our outdoor team are able to spend several months ensuring our plants have excellent root systems. Couple this with the fact that our nursery is situated at the bottom of the Tyne Valley, where the winters can be rough and the spring and summers very windy, means TreesPlease trees are raised to be tough and perfect for planting throughout the UK.

Built on the demand for our high quality trees, our nursery production began to grow year on year and progressively, production on the nursery was adapted to suit the requirements of our growing customer base. As a result of this, as well as meticulous planning and market research, TreesPlease progressed from supplying predominantly conifers, through a position of supplying predominantly broadleaves and woody shrubs, to its current position of being able to supply practically anything the tree market requires. Selling to foresters and landscapers alike, we have established strong relationships with other UK nurseries, from whom we are able to source specialist trees. Yet we never import trees from the continent.

As the business grew, and increasingly more trees began to pass out of the doors, it became clear that the biggest limitation to the business was storage and office space. So in 2013 TreesPlease invested in a new purpose built office block, complete with cold storage and treatment facilities. Both assets have proved themselves to be vital in keeping up with the demands of modern forestry, and have contributed to TreesPlease becoming a real competitor in the forest nursery sector.

As well as physical improvements, TreesPlease has continued to build and develop both its indoor and outdoor teams to ensure that our customers, big and small, continue to receive excellent customer service. Most of our staff have been with TreesPlease all of their working lives so are highly dedicated and steeped in the standards of quality to which the business aspires. The reliable TreesPlease staff have helped to steer the business to its current position, of being a dependable supplier of high quality UK grown bare root trees, all with a warm and friendly service that only a passionate small family business can provide.

In the past 10 years, TreesPlease has seen huge success and growth, and with continued focus on tree quality as well as excellent customer service, the future is looking bright for TreesPlease.





 Our Forestry Trees

TreesPlease are committed to producing quality UK grown forestry trees for the timber trade. Our conifers and broadleaves are grown from carefully selected seed sources of the very best genetic material to encourage rapid establishment and growth for profitable timber production.

TreesPlease broadleaves are grown from a wide selection of native seed zones, especially 204 and 109, with many of these coming from our own seed collections. We offer northern provenances for all main Scottish species as well as selected stand material. We can assure full traceability from the time seed is collected to the moment our trees are delivered to the customer.

Our conifers, namely Sitka Spruce and Scots Pine, have improved genetic gains in density, growth rate and straightness, resulting in the growth of valuable timber trees.

We pride ourselves in the low failure rates of our trees, and with our innovative weevil treatment process, we can further reduce losses by helping to eliminate weevil damage.

Plant supplier certificates are provided for forestry trees as regulated by FRM (Forestry Reproductive Material Regulations 2002).

Our Hedging Trees

TreesPlease hedging plants are suitable for both farm and garden situations. We understand that there are so many opinions as to what makes a desirable hedge so we offer a wide range of hedging types, from evergreen to native and conifer hedging.

We also offer a Mixed Farm Hedging Pack, which qualifies for stewardship schemes, and is in line with the traditional hedgerows that can be seen stretching the length and breadth of the countryside.

Our hedging is available in a wide range of sizes.

Our small scale customers are very important to us, and we supply a whole host of enthusiastic small holders with our hedging plants, feathered trees as well as woody shrubs, fruit trees and our small range of potted trees.

Come and join our growing customer base, or come and visit us at one of the many forestry shows we attend throughout the summer. We are more than happy to share our experience and knowledge to help keep the UK’s forestry and woodland sector thriving.




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Plant Provenance

Great Britain is split into several regions of provenance also know as seed zone.


TreesPlease are committed to producing quality forestry trees for the timber trade.

Excellence & Experience

TreesPlease aims to supply its customers with strong vigorous well rooted trees, delivered field fresh, whilst applying new growing concepts to meet ever increasing demands of quality