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Range of tree guards
Range of tree guards
Climatic Tree Guard

Climatic Plus Tree Guard



Tree protection - Do you need it?
If you want stronger growth or have rabbits, hares or deer, the answer is probably yes. What height is required?

Rabbits 0.55m - 0.6m     Hares 0.75m
Roe Deer 1.2m                 Fallow Deer 1.5m     Red Deer 1.8m

Which type should I buy?
The answer depends on what types of trees you need to protect, how long you need to protect them and your planting site. 
For example the Planetec guard will last about 4-5 years and is ideal for hedging and shrubs, so is sufficient for most situations. At the other end of the scale, the Climatic Plus will last at least 10 years and should be used where long term protection is required. For further details see the Guard section.

Why use a Mesh Treeshelter?
Mesh style tree protection systems have been produced for over 40 years. Constant product development has resulted in today’s excellent range.

The movement of air within the mesh shelters allows the tree to flex and move, strengthening the stem and encouraging root development. As well as being ventilated, the tree receives light, producing healthy green leaves. Free air circulation also allows the production of good bark.

Research has demonstrated that an increased root collar diameter is found in trees planted in mesh guards, than those in solid tubes. The same research also showed how the overall height of trees grown in a mesh tree shelter was greater than those grown in solid tubes in the third year after planting.

TreesPlease offers tree guards, accessories and tools to complete the planting job.