Acer Platanoides
aceplat leafAcePlaacer platnoides

Acer platanoides (Norway Maple)

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A very hardy, vigorous, large tree. Tolerates exposed sites and a wide variety of soils. Red and gold autumn colours. A good tree to use in shelter belts.

Note: All trees will be Bare Rooted unless stated otherwise.

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Acer Platanoides (Norway Maple)-This impressive and fast growing tree can grow up to 30meters high, with a crown spread of over 20meters. The bark is beautifully patterned with interlinking ridges and unlike other maples does not tend to develop a shaggy bark. The Norway Maple bares clusters of yellow flowers in the spring, before the leaves, which in the autumn turn an intense golden yellow. Due to its imposing habit, as well as hardiness the Norway Maple is a very versatile tree often found along city streets and parks. Also a good tree to use in a shelter belt.

Fruit: The winged fruit are 6-10cm across and ripen from yellow to brown.

Timber:  The timber is used for furniture, flooring and musical instruments.

Soil Types/Habitat: Grows well in a wide variety of soil types. Its hardiness means it can also be found to grown well on slopes as well as waste land. Pollution tolerant.

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