Leylandii (green)

Leylandii (green) Pot

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The fastest growing conifer in the British Isles. Ideal for tall screens and tolerant to most soil types and coastal areas.

All our leylandii are grown and sold in polythene bag pots, specifically designed to maintain good drainage as well as being cost effective.

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Leylandii- One of the fastest growing conifers in the UK with an average growth rate of 75-90cm per year. Leylandii are best known as screening plants because of their dense feathery foliage which grows from the base of the trunk, hiding most of it. If kept in good condition, a leylandii hedge can act as a great sound and wind barrier as well as heightening securing and increasing privacy, especially in garden situations. That said, leylandii also make a stunning solitary tree, growing up to 35 meters tall. A very hardy tree, which can grow in a range of situations, including coastal areas.

Cones: Produces small cones, yet cannot be grown from seed. Best grown from a cutting.

Timber: The timber can be used for general building work, where the wood is not painted.

Soil Types/Habitat: It grows with a relatively shallow root structure and will tolerate a polluted environment.

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