Ulex Europaeus
ulex euro foliage

Ulex Europaeus (Gorse, Whin, Furze)

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A small shrub, native to sandy acidic land. The flowers produce a pungent, sweet coconut scent.

All trees will be Bare Rooted unless stated otherwise.

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This is a small shrub native to sandy, acid land. Its free flowering yellows and golds provide colour for most of the summer. It is very prickly which makes it a good deterrent to intruders. The flowers are coconut scented.
Fruit: It produces pea pod like fruit which are black. The pods are poisonous if eaten.
Timber: Gorse bushes are highly flammable making the wood useful as a kindling fuel.
Soil Types / Habitat: It likes to grow in most soils. It grows well in coastal areas but doesn’t like dense shade or wet sites.

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