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Crataegus Laevigata `Rosea Flore Pleno` ( Hawthorn-Pink flowering )
An exremely hardy Hawthorn. It can be used as a standard or in avenues. It responds well to pruning and is resistant to pollution. Worth growing for the stunning red flowers that appear at the end of May More Pictures

Crataegus Laevigata `Rosea Flore Pleno` ( Hawthorn-Pink flowering )
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The haws are very tart but can be made into a delicious pink jelly that is rich in vitamin C. Some people believe that the fruit of the Hawthorn has a beneficial effect on the cardio-vascular system.

There is no current usage for timber for this tree at present

Soil Types / Habitat
Not demanding but prefers a sunny location

Growing Conditions
 Coastal    Extreme  Shade
 Clay    Damp  Evergreen
 Dry/Acid    Industrial  Autumn Colours
 Chalk    Cold  Native

Planting Accessories

Mesh Wrap

Mature Tree Scale in meters


Tree Scale Maximum Height
= 6.0m
Maximum Diameter
= 4.0m