Abies Nordmaniana

Abies Nordmaniana ( Nordman Fir )

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Slow growing, very popular Christmas tree. Best planted in sheltered sites.

All trees will be Bare Rooted unless stated otherwise.

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Abies Nordmaniana ( Nordman Fir)- Large and slow growing the Nordman Fir is one of the most attractive fir trees. Its glossy needles have a distinct rich green upper side and a contrasting paler underside. The Nordman Fir is generally very robust and disease resistant.

Cones: The cones are roughly 15-20cm long and release winged seeds.

Timber: Widely used as a Christmas tree due to its attractive foliage and needles which are not too sharp nor do they drop easily. Also used as an ornamental tree in parks and large gardens.

Soil Types/Habitat: Prefers clay soils. Better if planted in sheltered sites.

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