Pinus Contorta
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Pinus Contorta ( Lodgepole Pine )

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Easy to grow, its dense foliage makes a useful addition to shelter belts. Use the Alaskan provenance for excellent Christmas trees. The only pine that tolerates wet conditions.

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Pinus Contorta (Lodgepole Pine)- This easy to grow conifer is one of the only pines which is able to tolerate wet conditions and thrives in moorland areas. It grows in a long and thin habit with a dense cone-shaped canopy of dark green twisted needles and because of this lodgepole pine is a very useful addition to a shelter belt. Can also be planted for its timber as well as for Christmas tree production, with Alaskan provenances proving to make the best Christmas trees.

Cones: Brown egg shaped cones.

Timber: The timber is straight and good for making flooring roofing and other joinery. It is also used for the production of chipboard and paper pulp.

Soil Types/Habitat: Has a remarkable tolerance to poor soils. Frost hardy.

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