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Pinus Nigra ‘Austriaca’ ( Austrian Pine )

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Characterised by large bottle brush needles, its straight form and dense foliage make a good amenity plantation.

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Pinus Nigra (Austrian Pine)- The Austrian pine can be identified by its large, straight and strong bottle brush like needles. It is a fairly fast growing tree, which can grow up to between 20-55 metres in height. Austrian pine grows with a conical habit but as the tree matures it takes on a straight form with a flat topped canopy. Widely used as an ornamental tree in parklands but also makes a good screen or windbreak. Rarely used as a timber tree.

Cones: The cones are yellow to grey brown, egg shaped and pointed. They are normally 4-8cm in length.

Timber: It has little value as a timber tree

Soil Types/Habitat: It will tolerate most soils including lime. A good tree to include in a shelter belt being about to withstand strong winds as well as salt laden coastal air.

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