Populus Alba
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Populus Alba (Poplar – White)

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Very attractive leaves, white underneath. Makes an excellent screening plant, very fast growing and hardy.

All trees will be Bare Rooted unless stated otherwise.

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Populus Alba (White Poplar)- This fast growing hardy tree makes an excellent screening plant as well as being one of the most attractive broadleaves. The white poplar grows an average of 50cm per year, up to a height of 20 metres. It can be distinguished by its pale grey/brown bark which is dotted with dark diamond-shaped marks. Its five-lobed leaves have a glossed bright green upper side and a white downy underside. White poplar makes a great screening/wind break tree as it is branched from the base of the tree, with young branches forming ground cover.

Fruit: Female catkins open when ripe to release lots of white cotton-like hairs which carry the seeds.

Timber: Its timber can be used to produce veneer logs.

Soil Types/Habitat: It grows on clay soils, as well as in wet, exposed sites. It can also be planted in coastal areas.

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