Prunus Domestica
prunus domestica

Prunus Domestica (Damson)

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A small robust tree that is often used for windbreaks or included in farm hedges. It produces a dark fruit slightly larger than a sloe berry, and small white flowers rather like a Blackthorn, but with larger flowers.

All trees will be Bare Rooted unless stated otherwise.

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Prunus Domestica (Damson)- The damson tree is most often confused with blackthorn, having a very similar appearance with the exception of baring larger white flowers in the spring. A small shrubby tree, which bares small teardrop shaped leaves and clusters of white flowers in the spring. Following the flowers are small and round purple/yellow fruit, also known as the damson. A sour tasting fruit, the damson can be used to make alcoholic drinks, jams and spreads. Overall, a sturdy robust tree which often features in farm hedgerows and windbreaks.

Fruit: The fruit is a global shape with a dark purple skin. Can be used to flavour gin.

Timber: Rarely used for it timber due to the small size of the tree

Soil Types/Habitat: Can tolerate most soil types but prefers to be planted away from cold and exposed areas. Early frosts can be damaging to its early flowers and fruit so does best in sheltered areas.

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