Prunus Laurocerasus
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Prunus Laurocerasus (Laurel, Cherry Laurel)

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Large, vigorous evergreen shrub. Makes a good hedge and valuable game cover.


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Prunus Laurocerasus (Laurel)- A large vigorous evergreen shrub which grows up to approximately 15 meters in height when mature. A very useful screening/hedging plant with dense glossy green foliage and a rapid growth rate. In the spring, laurel produces candles of small white flowers which are followed by bright red small cherry-like fruits. A very un-fussy plant which can survive on most soil types. It is also one of very few evergreens which can tolerate shade and drip from overhead trees, making laurel a valuable game cover crop.

Fruit: The red cherry-like fruit ripen to back and each berry holds one hard seed. The seeds and leaves contain poison acids.

Timber: The large leaves are often used in flower arranging displays.

Soil Types/Habitat: Tolerant to most soil types and areas.

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