Salix Viminalis2
salix viminalis

Salix Viminalis (Osier Willow)

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Very vigorous native tree. Green stems with long thin leaves, a good tree to use in shelter belt, pond or wetland planting.

All trees will be Bare Rooted unless stated otherwise.

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Salix Viminalis (Osier Willow)- A small native tree, often only growing to around 7 meters in height, however it is very quick growing. Its leaves are long and thin and are a slightly brighter green when compared to the rest of the willow family. The leaves are also felt-like on the underside. The osier willow is perfect for planting into shelter belts and around ponds and wetland, it can also be used to clean up areas of contaminated waste land, due to its ability to absorb heavy metals. In spite of this, osier willow is most commonly used for basket making and weaving as well as to create living fences and screens.

Fruit: Female catkins open when ripe to release masses of cottony white hairs which carry the seeds.

Timber: The timber is soft and white in colour, as well as basket making the timber can also be used to make matches and paper pulp.

Soil Types/Habitat: It will grow in most soils and situations, but prefers to be planted in full sun along water sources. Its extensive root system can help to prevent soil erosion.

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