Salix Vitellina

Salix Vitellina (Golden Willow)

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Prefers full sun and moist to wet soils. It has greyish leaves and yellow/orange twigs which can be used in basketry.

All trees are Bare Rooted unless stated otherwise.

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A smaller tree than the White Willow that prefers to grow in full sun and moist-to-wet soils. The brilliant yellow shoots are made more conspicuous by pruning the Golden Willow heavily every other year.
Fruit: Female catkins open when ripe to release lots of white cottony hairs that carry the seeds.
Timber: The timber is soft and light white in colour. It can be used to make matches and paper pulp. Its yellow/orange twigs are used in basketry.
Soil Types / Habitat: It will grow in most soil types. It prefers full sun and to be planted along water sources. The roots help prevent soil erosion.

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60-90cm, 90-120cm